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Blueprints for Transportation is a music video project that allowed me to explore a collaborative recording and composing process with a group of friends. Over the course a couple of years performances and videos were recorded, edited, and finally released under the moniker Softshell. Many generous and talented friends contributed their ears, eyes, ideas, parts, and incredible creativity to recordings that evolved over time. The videos too were ever changing, as I discovered a moving visual world - often while traveling to and from work, during family trips, and waiting. A common element and backbone of these compositions is an open tuned dobro resonator, an instrument I have been playing and exploring for over two decades. 

Collaborators include Ned Armsby, Chris Barrett, Jeff Baehrend, James Bridges, Brendan Haley, Eric Krauter, Gavin McCarthy, Grace Reader, Eric Salt, Michael Spaly, Andrew Stern, Ed Vaulaskas, and Christine Zuffery.

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