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Remixes are a real treat to work on. They give one an opportunity to explore the dark little corners of songs and parts. I generally build remixes from parts that are already in the recording, I like taking those parts and tweaking them till they become new and unrecognizable. 

Below are a few remixes I've worked on over the years. 
Cheater Pint's Visiting Hours, a collaboration with Melissa Ferrick on her song Closer, a remix of the Weisstronatus' Bentley - which was remixed with Brendan Haley under the iRays moniker, and an Eric Salt song - Open Doorway, and indie band Royal Wedding's song Castle, from their Mysterious Powers release in 2014.

Open Doorway - the Wormhole RemixEric Salt & The Electric City
00:00 / 04:18
Castle - Deep in the Moat RemixRoyal Wedding
00:00 / 03:49
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