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May 2020

May has been wild. I started this gallery before the protests for George Floyd and the Black Lives Movement took charge of all my attention. Most of May had gone by already. I've added some of my protest shots to Etsy - any proceeds (after manufacturing costs)  from the sales of those prints will go directly to BLM (or a charity of your choice).

There has been so much going on, it's hard to step back and take it all in and process it, while being in it. My mind is cluttered - as evidenced in the more than one hundred images I'm posting. 

Every year the warm weather, sunlight, longer days, and cabin fever all make May an incredible month (for me, as a photographer).  For obvious reasons this May has been completely unique, and I've tried to use the slowed & isolated time to take multiple short drives and walks as often as I possible. And then - after I thought the packed month was all but over, the protests came.

I've been exploring the old synagogues in Dorchester - along Blue Hill Avenue and in Mattapan. On Jeff's suggestionI (finally) discovered the city of Lynn. Much to my delight, the good people at Beyond Walls Lynn have been doing incredible work, and after two trips I can't wait for my next two. The mural's alone are breathtaking, but the city itself offers so much in the way of textures and stories and worn beauty. 

Consider that viewing this gallery is sort of like joining me for a very long walk. However, on this walk we'll explore more than ten locations in depth.
I've visited Wampatuck State Park and Bare Cove in Hingham, Cambridge (in search of a particular hydrant, a story to itself), Boston's Back Bay (another fun print story there) and Common and Environs, Fields Corner, Blue Hill Avenue and Mattapan, Lynn, Quincy, and the UMass Campus. Then I started visiting Boston - with eyes to the protest, and spent some time in Chinatown, Downtown Crossing, Newbury Street, and back to the Common. 

Since I took possession of a 20mm f1.8 Nikon lens, I also took some photos at Q Division. As always - if you see anything that you'd like to own, let me know.   

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