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I’m a recording engineer, musician, and photographer. I’ve been recording, mixing, and mastering albums for over 20 years - mostly out of Q Division Studios where I’m head engineer. I started out assisting, and early on was lucky enough to help make albums by Mission of Burma, James Taylor, and many others... Check out the SONICS page to hear some of the neat albums I’ve worked on over the years.  

In both studio and live settings I strive to set up environments that allow artists to explore and perform at their best.


Shot by Echo Kirke-Sofer

Both as a photographer and recorder I bring a documentary approach to my work. I love fragility, unintended poetry, accidental art, vulnerability, risk, and a sense of adventure. I seek to showcase the beauty inherent in chaos and chance.
While I’m not process, or gear, obsessed - I feel that which ever way we get there is legit - I do love things that are handmade and unique, warts and all.

I currently play in a duo called
FauxMenco, with Catherine Capozzi - we play flamenco influenced instrumentals on nylon string guitars. We both share a passion for loud guitars, but wanted to experiment with quieter settings. We're performing, writing, and recording.

I spent over ten years writing, recording, and performing in instrumental, four piece band, The Invisible Rays - we used video samplers and liquid slides to create an immersive experience. We self released two albums

Over the last five years or so I've been working on a recording and film project called Softshell. Softshell was an opportunity to experiment musically and visually with the guiding principle being wild exploration and risk taking. 

I co-host, along with friend and poet Anna Ross, the Unearthed Song & Poetry open mic at home.stead bakery & cafe. Unearthed takes place monthly (under normal circumstances) in my neighborhood of Fields Corner, in Dorchester.


Over the past five years I've been documenting details found in cities - doors, locks, fences, wires, and especially fire hydrants. I've photographed well over 500 hydrants in the various neighborhoods of Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge alone. In documenting these mundane, anonymous, and mass produced items and fixtures, I've noticed unique and mesmerizing details. Of particular interest to me are marks of forgotten stories, struggles, and work born out in now shuttered buildings, behind hand repaired chain-link gates locked with rusted locks, beside worn hydrants..

I hung 16 metal prints of fire hydrants at home.stead cafe in the fall of 2018, and have also printed pollinators, staples, and lightbulbs, which can be found on my etsy page

Thanks for visiting - and please drop me a line!

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